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Orbix Goes to Central Johore!

Our Orbix International Schools combine the best of international education. We prepare our students for an education based on a globalized worldview whilst embracing Asian customs and values.

Our Batu Pahat campus with boarding facilities is located next to the newly-built Senta Adventure Camp (SAC) where our students will get a chance to use its facilities and attend a character and team-building camp annually.

Orbix 国际学校结合了最好的国际教育,我们为学生接受基于全球化世界观的教育做好准备,同时了解亚洲的习俗和价值观。

我们的峇株巴辖校区毗邻新建的 Senta 冒险营 (SAC),我们的学生将有机会使用其设施,并每年都有机会参加特别的团队建设营。

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