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Congratulations to Our Outstanding Scholars!

Orbix International Schools are overjoyed to celebrate our students' success!

Congratulations to Orbix International Schools’ IGCSE scholars for their outstanding results!

Despite all the challenges posed by a difficult 2020, our students have shown their mettle and achieved amazing results for the IGCSE examinations. We wish to congratulate all IGCSE students from our Muar and Batu Pahat campuses as well as their parents, guardians and teachers for a job well done.

It is testament to their own fortitude and hard work that 100% of our pioneer batch scored a minimum of two A/A*s. We are also proud to say that 100% of our students scored A/A* for Chinese.

These results are an indication of the bright future that lies ahead for our students. It goes to show how resilience, support and hard work pays off and with these values instilled, we are proud to have been a part of their learning journey and hope to get better and better each year!

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