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We are delighted to introduce Cambridge Global Perspectives for learners aged 5 to 11 years as part of our primary programme. The programme is now available to teach. 

We have collaborated with a number of Cambridge Global Perspectives schools to develop the programme. This is to ensure it delivers appropriate progression, assessment of skills and to make sure it is easy for our many diverse schools around the world to incorporate into their existing curriculum.  

The programme develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication. It strengthens the links across English as a first or second language, mathematics, science and ICT Starters. 

Research says that the earlier students start to develop and practise their skills, the greater the impact on their learning. Making Cambridge Global Perspectives available to younger students will develop and embed cross-curricular skills at an earlier age, supporting them in their studies as they progress to Cambridge Lower Secondary and beyond. 

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