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Pioneering Cambridge Curriculum & iFLYTEK AI syllabus at 




Cambridge Curriculum + AI syllabus = NO ADDITIONAL TUITION FEE!


As the world continues to struggle to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, the push for technology advancement has only hasten the arrival of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Normal education has seen disruption from all angles and dotting parents are taken worried about the future of their children.

Recognising these challenges faced by the parents, ORBIX International School will be offering its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Syllabus to all its students at no additional cost. With its vision of Pioneering Innovation in Education, it has entered into a collaboration with iFLYTEK, a public listed MNC AI organization as the sole-representative in offering the FIRST comprehensive Artificial Intelligence syllabus in school in Southeast Asia. This industry certificate programme aims to equip children with relevant knowledge on AI as they prepare to enter the world of IR4.0. This competency based programme focuses on Coding (SCRATCH & PYTHON), Machine Learning, Voice Intelligence System, Natural Language Processing(NLP), Big Data and Game Development. The hands-on approach to learning, will also expose students to apply this knowledge through building their own AI apps and programming robots using our AI learning Robots and autonomous cars.

To ensure the programme is delivered at its best, dedicated AI learning labs has been set up in all of ORBIX schools along with learning robots, autonomous cars and robot assembly kits. AI instructors with specialized skills in AI has been recruited to teach in the programme.

Despite the huge investment, the programme is offered at no additional cost to the student’s fees as ORBIX Education believes in its responsibility in educating and preparing its children to be future ready. It adds value to the education they receive at ORBIX and gives them the edge in their post-school endeavors. This further strengthens ORBIX identity as The School of Artificial Intelligence. 



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